The Associated Press has announced that a class action law suit has been filed in California  against Taco Bell. The suit claims that Taco Bell actually uses extenders and other non-meat substances in contrary to their advertisements stating that they use real seasoned beef. In a Fox News article Taco Bell promises to fight the law suit vigorously.

Now for me being a child of the 80's and the "Where's The Beef" advertisements and jokes all my life, I couldn't help but pay 'tribute' to this new "meat" plight. Perhaps it isn't a laughing matter and maybe some will actually feel duped. I am sorry for that, but I have never put big stock in the good for me, quality of meat aspects of fast food. I have eaten fast food and still have my favorite choices, but its fast food, I haven't put a lot of expectations on it, nor have I ever been inclined to do so.

When I think beef, I think about the trip that 'My James' just made to the ranch in Nebraska. He brought home 62.5% of a steer his dad prepared for him. This is beef! 62.5% of what you may say, well let's put it this way, that is 62.5% of 1000 lbs. Yes, my husband just brought home 625-ish pounds of beef.

So if the claims are true, perhaps locally I can help out. Just kidding, this is Nebraska grown and fed beef, the only sharing I plan on is the occasional pot luck I may be invited to or perhaps in a stew or soup I share with co-workers. Actually, I need to brush up on my beef recipes as I prepare so much chicken and turkey anymore that my beef skills have become slightly rusty.

I am sure that the whole Taco Bell issue of beef fillers will work itself out and I will no doubt discover ways to use the bulk of our beef. Maybe I'll start sharing recipes, maybe I could figure out a way to share with you, who knows. The only thing that I am certain of is that this life is full of adventures and from time to time we can all forget that and get way too hung up on the fillers of life and miss out on the 'meat' of it all.