After the yard work is done (well mostly), the laundry is caught up (okay not quite all put away) and you have a day off of work, what do you do? Here's what we did!

D Dennison-TSM James Driving the Boat at Horsetooth

We took last summer off from the boat, Ashley and Colton loved going out and just cruisin' around the Reservoir and then hanging out in our tubes or just free floating and enjoying the sun...

D Dennison-TSM The Gang at Horsetooth, Colton Preferred Staying on the Boat!

This year, for the first time, we took Sam... He seemed to have a great time!

D Dennison-TSM Sam on Horsetooth!

I love the water and am glad that we went out to Horsetooth this past weekend, James tried to get me to go once last year and I couldn't... this year, Memorial Weekend, seemed fitting to honor their memories and recall all of the great times we had together.

D Dennison-TSM Boating at Horsetooth 2011