I am getting ready to do a minor remodel of my basement but need to keep things cost effective so need to choose a flooring that I can do myself. But which is the best?

I truly hate making these kind of decisions because no matter what product you choose for a job, they all have their ups and downs.  I'd like to do hardwood floors over the concrete but my wallet says an underlayment and laminate or vinyl tiles.

My biggest concern with laminate or vinyl tiles is that eventually corners here and there will come up.  Or do they anymore?  Maybe the product has advanced to 'no more curling?'  But then with a 12' sheet of vinyl, it would be super easy to do but how do you fix a hole in it without being obvious vs. just replacing tiles.

I'm getting a headache. Help!

What are your suggestions and would love to hear from those who have done both and your pro's and con's.  This is not a high traffic area and barely gets used at this point so something simple, practical and looks good. Sound off!