A recent survey was done asking people at what age does someone quit being young. The top response in the poll was 28. I believe it is when you first lose to your kids in Nintendo. Once that happens you can't even pretend to be young anymore.

I know that you are only as old you feel inside. I am always young at heart and as long as I still giggle when someone breaks wind, I know I will never be too mentally old. If you are no longer considered young once you pass 28 then there a few things you should no longer do. You should no longer wear your ball cap backwards. You should no longer wear  your teams football jersey on game day. You should no longer gather with your buddies to play Madden. You should no longer brag of your beer pong skills or buy large bags of skittles and you should trade in your mustang for a mini van. In other words this is when you build a man cave in your home where you can wear your jersey with your hat on backwards while eating skittles and beating your buddies at Madden.

Here is our own 25 year old Shawn Patrick. He has 3 more years to look like this. Enjoy it buddy.

Brian Gary, TSM