I would guess if you live in Colorado, you're likely to have a pretty low mental age. We, Coloradoans do know how to live life to its fullest. There is work to be done and we get 'r done, but at the end of the day we'll crack open one of the many local micro brews, hit the trails, hop on the bike or grab a board. (okay maybe fewer of us are doing the board thing anymore, but you get what I'm saying) What's your age Northern Colorado?

Whats Your Mental Age TSM


  • You spend hours working on a costume for the party, you show up in casual clothes pretending you forgot about the costume thing or you just don't participate cuz' you don't want to look like a fool
  • For the weekend you go out drinking with friends, you catch up on your sleep or you spend it doing chores
  • You celebrate your birthday with a few friends at dinner, gather 50 of your closest friends and party or you watch tv
  • You're against Marijuana and you... feel awkward and participate anyway, you not only say no, but explain that drugs are bad or you nicely say no thanks
  • Your partner invites you to fly off to Paris for dinner (in three hours), you laugh it off and say life isn't a Romantic movie, that's nice but I need more time to prepare or you say awesome, sounds fun
  • What do you think of Borat? Stupid, Who?, I like

My mental age is 13! HERE'S MY ANSWERS:

  • Spend hours making a costume
  • Go out with friends drinking on the weekend
  • I spend my birthday with close friends at dinner
  • I would nicely say no to a hit of pot
  • I would be excited to take off to Paris for dinner
  • Borat: Stupid

Take the real quiz and see if you're older or younger than me :) Hope you have fun and happy Monday!