It looks like a bomb went off at the Ranch in Loveland. (The Larimer County Fairgrounds) It did not.  The Ranch is currently under some serious construction. The first step was tear down the old buildings, which were found to be structurally unsound.  Now they are in the process of rebuilding them.  Bob Herrfeldt, Director of The Ranch, told me yesterday he fully expects the construction to be done by July 15th, 2013 which will be in time for the Larimer County Fair August 2nd-6th.


The bottom line is the buildings were found to be defective when one of the roofs collapsed during a snow storm.  The Ranch took the construction company to court and won.  The money from the lawsuit is being used to pay for the the reconstruction.

Thanks to Bob Herrfeldt, who sent me a  few pictures from the construction site. I also took a few of my own.