On Monday "The Bachelor" made it's season premiere. It's a guy some of you will recognize. Brad Womack was on the show in 2007. Brad Womack became known as "the most hated man in Bachelor history" when he decided not to chose either of two final women. It's the reason my wife didn't want to watch the show. It's the reason I had to sneak upstairs to watch the show. Yes. I admit it! Here's my Guy Card! I was watching "The Bachelor", without my wife, behind her back! Here is my excuse for watching the show:

Two Colorado women are featured on this season’s “Bachelor”. Sarah P. is a Denver real estate broker and Madison is a model from Vail. They are among the 30 women vying to win the final rose! They both made the 1st cut. O.K. It's still a Guy Card violation, but it's entertaining to me!