I have seen some great shows this season at the Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley!  My wife and I bought a package of shows this year that included Spamalot, The Church Basement Ladies, Manheim Steamroller Christmas, Riverdance, and last night's show:  Los Lonely Boys! Los Lonely Boys are not country, but they definitely have country influences. They even cover Johnny Cash's "Walk The Line" on one of their albums.  Their harmonies are impeccable! The kind of harmony that only brothers who have sung together all their life could pull off.  Sometimes when they sing in unison it sounds like one voice, one beautifully unique and distinctive voice.

The concert last night was interesting. It was billed as an acoustic show, but it was as if nobody told the band. They weren't 3 songs in before one of the "Boys" reached for his electric guitar. 97% of the crowd loved it! (Me included) The other 3% got up and walked out.  The whole night both brothers complained that they were not allowed to play loud and then put the electric guitar away because they said they were told to.  Just a hunch, but I bet they knew the show was supposed to be unplugged going in.  I liked it all, the electric part and the acoustic part.  Henry Garza is definitely one of the best guitar players in the music business.  Overall, I thought it was a great show!  Thanks to UCCC for having the guts to bring it to Greeley!

There are more great shows coming to the the Union Colony Civic Center:

• April 13: “Fiddler on the Roof”

• May 14: Bill Engvall

• May 21: Say Goodnight Gracie, a tribute to George Burns

Go to UCStars.com for tickets!