Chaos surrounds me. I love a nice, quiet, drama free day but they rarely happen. My house is a house of activity and noise. I have 3 dogs(Oprah, Mini and Chevy), a daughter, wife and grandson all running around the house and that creates a bit of a stir. Sometimes you need to find a nice quiet place to just breathe a minute. That is what bathrooms are for right?

The main source of noise in the house is not the child or the dogs it is us yelling at the dogs. What is more irritating, the sound of a barking dog or the shrill sound of the voice yelling for it to shut up? I know there are people without the ability to speak who are still able to get a dog to be quiet. I think the yell is unnecessary yet it still happens all the time. I am convinced that if we got a parrot and just let it hang around, the first words it would speak would be “QUIET CHEVY!”

Now it’s your turn. If you were to get a parrot and let it hang around in your home what would the first phrase it would learn? Be honest and share.