When I first saw the look I said, I can see that and how do you steal that?

Most shoplifted items:

  • Cigarettes (Aren't these behind the counter?)
  • Energy Drinks (If you need an energy that bad aren't you too tired to be a thief?)
  • High-End Liquor (High-End booze?)
  • Infant Formula (Another reason to nurse)
  • Allergy Medicine (I got nothing)
  • Diabetic Testing Strips (huh?)
  • Pain Relievers (maybe we should rethink our high cost for medicines in this country)
  • Weight-loss pills (Cheetos are cheaper)
  • Electric Toothbrushes and Replacement Heads (try a manual toothbrush, 3 for a buck at the dollar store)
  • Lotions
  • Pregnancy Tests (Ut-oh)
  • Jeans (wow!)
  • Designer Clothing (where ya gonna wear that?)
  • Handbags (I do love me some handbags-lol)
  • Cell Phones (Aren't they typically tethered to the counter, wall or a salesman?)
  • Digital Cameras (Again... thethered or encased in glass-right?)
  • Digital Recorders (Bet the phone you stole has one already-ha)
  • GPS Devices (Which way did he go?)
  • Laptops (Really? Guess you're gonna have to steal one of those BIG handbags)
  • TV's and LCD Monitors (?)
  • High-End Vacuums (No household chore is worth prison time) LOL
  • Kitchen Aid Mixers (I don't bake)

Did any of the items in the list from the National Retail Federation surprise you?