It never fails, there will be at least one driver that drives me nuts on my travels. Is it like flipping a coin each morning or are there just some traffic laws that you are constantly willing to break. (while strictly following others)

D Dennison-TSM

Please do not get me wrong, I am all for rules and order, I work best in a controlled environment, its true, but really driving is just frustrating. Some driving rules I don't agree with, others I just don't understand and then there are the ones that make sense to me and apparently no one else.

Remember if your tires are in the intersection or across the big white line (typically where you stop on a red light), it is legal to go through the light when it turns yellow. It's this infraction that bothers me the most or at least in the top three traffic violations of all time. It's not necessarily because you stop on a yellow, I get it, but when you are causing a more dangerous situation because you slam on your brakes, well that I don't get. And then, you Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss, who just slammed on your brakes for the yellow light with the front end of your car in the intersection decide its okay to go 55-60 in a 45MPH zone, I don't get it.

What traffic violations/laws are you willing to make or break? Is it okay to speed, not use your blinker, turn on a yellow/red arrow (because the timing sucks and why is it fair that only three cars can legally turn on a green arrow when there are 20 waiting to turn), not wear your seat belt, text, follow too closely? What are your limits when breaking traffic laws? And what are you biggest complaints about other drivers?

D's curiously frustrated mind wants to hear from you! Comment below or email me: Thank you, have a great day and drive safely.