This yearly event is celebrated all over the US, and this year horses from Europe are
allowed to run. Now, I don't pretend to know a thing about horse racing, but I do know about the soul of a horse. I know they love to run and love to play and entertain us.

There will be pre-race coverage most all afternoon on NBC and while the stories are interesting, I always feel a great let down when the winning thoroughbred is crowned. Oh sure, the Preakness comes up May 19th and the Belmont on June 9th...but in the interim here are three movies I recommend.

1. Seabiscuit  A rags-to-riches story set in the Depression Era. The cast is so good at portraying 'broken' people banding together to make a champion horse. The payoff always makes me cry AND cheer.

2. Secretariat  Diane Lane rocks her role as a 'housewife" from Denver who champions a colt to win the 1973 Triple Crown. After the horse passed away, a necropsy revealed his heart was 21 pounds-the typical thoroughbred heart weighs 8 and a 1/2

3. The Black Stallion  A boy and a wild Arabian stallion are shipwrecked off the coast of Africa. It is fiction and set in 1946. The movie unfolds beautiful cinematography of the boy and horse on miles of secluded sandy beach. They make it home and Micky Rooney trains them to compete against thoroughbreds and you can probably guess what happens.

The most exciting two minutes in sports start at 4:46 pm MT the first Saturday in May. The 2018 Kentucky Derby is the 144th annual Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs.The famous horse race will consist of 20 horses competing for the $2 million prize.