Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Obama gave his annual State of the Union Speech last night.  As always the Vice President and Speaker of the House sat behind the President.  As I was watching President Obama, I kept being distracted by Vice President Biden.  What the heck was he doing back there? It looked like he had an iPad at some point and then appeared to take a nap.  l Have made a list of a few things he may have been doing. Look closely at the pictures and tell me I'm wrong.


  • Playing "Words With Friends" or "Angry Birds".
  • Ordering a Pizza or a ShamWow
  • Making a honey-do list
  • Reading the funny papers
  • Thumb wrestling himself
  • Watching "Two Broke Girls"

During the picture on the right:

  • Sleeping
  • Praying
  • Playing a game of hide and seek
  • See no evil