I was cleaning out the drawer in the bathroom while I was on vacation and came across this thing. I stood there perplexed for several minutes. "What the heck is this thing?" I thought out loud.

There are many strange things in a bathroom. We have the decorative towels and soaps that you cannot use. We have seashells that if you put to your ear you can hear the ocean or a toilet flushing, your call, and a bamboo plant that apparently can live in the worst air possible. I don't know how a plant survives in the bathroom. This thing is the strangest object I have found though.

Brian Gary, TSM

I thought maybe it was something to wear and injured myself badly attempting to wear it. I have wounds that I couldn't take pictures of and show. I have come to realize that it is not something that I am supposed to try to put on. I know it is not a tooth brush cover either unless you are Paul Bunyan.

Help me out here. What is this?