There was a boot with about a half cup of dog food rattling around in it...the mice had
obviously been raiding the poodles' overnight bag that hadn't been
unpacked since it was last used in 2011...and that laundry basket full of 'stuff' needing
to be put away.  Yea, it was time to organize, clean, and move out the clothes that
I never wear.  I attacked the project with the intent of having this space efficient as
I'm dressing for 4AM. I did well until I stacked up 12 pairs, yes 12 pairs of
jeans that I could no longer fit into.  As I started putting them in bags for Good
Will, I had an 'aha' moment.   I wanted to wear these cute little jeans again.

Somewhere in my year and a half of healing from one head injury after another I had 'plumped up' 15 pounds over the limit of fitting into favorite jeans. In the past I would get to Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or Slimgenics.  THIS time I am doing it on my own.  I borrowed an exercise bike from a friend, stocked up with good stuff at the grocery store, and it's working!  My goal is to lose 2 pounds a week. I'm focusing on how I'll feel in 8 weeks, wearing my jeans.

There are few rules to losing weight: exercise more and eat less.  I can do that without having to drive to a meeting to be weighed in by a stranger and then scolded if I haven't lost enough. I'm down 2 pounds this week and feel better already.

There are now 4 bags of really good clothing going to charity,  room to add a few
new things in the closet if I run across items I LOVE, and a whole new smaller wardrobe
ready to wear in about 13 pounds!  Wish me luck!

Susan Moore,TSM