I was raised in a sports crazy home. We always gathered together for Viking games and cheered together. Sports have always meant more than just a game. They were and are a gathering device for our family. It means togetherness and happy time to me. The actual game is irrelevant. It is the being together that really matters. Whenever the Vikings or Broncos or Nuggets are playing you can hear my phone going off with messages from my family as we share the game even though we are miles apart.

On Sunday my wife and I decided to take a drive to Holyoke in eastern Colorado and watch the Nuggets game with my son Nick. What a great day. We took a nice 2 hour drive through some beautiful farm land. So many love going for a mountain drive, which I love too, but there is something so beautiful about green farm land to me. It takes me back home to North Dakota in my mind.

We pulled into town with the "Welcome to Holyoke" sign greeting us. We immediately went to the water tower. There is something about a small town water tower that makes me feel at home. We toured the town which took a good 15 minutes. We saw where my son plays golf and serves on the golf board for Holyoke. We went to the liquor store to meet "Gramma" and many others. What a great day. My son made us some killer burgers on the grill and then we settled in for the game. The Nuggets got smoked but it didn't matter at all. I got to spend the day with my son and that was all that mattered. Thank you sports for giving us a common ground to gather on. It is more than just a game.