I am a proud resident of Greeley. I love my city and have been proud to call it home for a quarter of a century. I love that is a big city that still has it's small town charm. I will stand and defend my city anywhere. I hear people from other cities making fun of Greeley and I just smile and remain happy inside knowing that the idiot who just said it won't be living in my town any time soon.

I do admit that there are days when the wind is blowing just right that I can pick up a bit of an odor but I live on the west side where it is barley detectable and have a feeling it is just the smell of Todd wafting in from Fort Collins.

As I said, I love my city but am ready to take my beatings with a smile on face. Go ahead and make my day...Greeley smells worse than_____? Give me your response below please and get creative.