Brian Gary, TSM

I have emitted many smells through the years that should have gotten me kicked out of the bedroom. Apparently my mouth is not the only part of my body that talks in my sleep. I finally crossed the line the other night thanks to Old Spice.

I had run out of deodorant and picked up a new scent at the store during my shopping trip. I decided to take a shower before bed the other night and applied my new deodorant and climbed in bed. Awhile later I heard my bride come to bed and start sniffing like she had a cold. "Are you eating an orange or a candy necklace" she asked. I said that I sure wasn't and asked why. She said there was a very weird smell in the room. I asked if it could be my deodorant. She sniffed my way and cringed. "Are you planning on wearing that every day?" she asked. "Did you smell it first?" was the next question. I knew at this point that I would be needing new deodorant. I told her I bought it because it had wolves on it and I thought it looked cool. I also thought that if it could cover up sweaty wolf smell that it would help cover my funk as well. I was wrong.

It was a new scent from Old Spice called Wolfthorn. I now know where the term lone wolf

comes from. If you wear this stuff you will be alone. We decided it was a blend of hard candy and wolf urine. I will be on the couch until I find a new animal to smell like. I think "Greeley Meat Packing Plant" would have been a more pleasing scent. Take a test sniff before you buy a deodorant or you could end up a lone wolf like me.