All couples have disagreements from time to time. We all have our buttons that can pushed and cause a little heated conversion. I can honestly say though that my wife and I really don't fight. We have a few arguments but nothing that lasts more than a few minutes, that I know of :).

Brian Gary, TSM

Most couples would say that the major topic of their fights is about money, the kids or work. We have a few harsh words about the dogs and how she thinks they are humans but that is minor. Our big fights are over lights. I believe when night falls that I can turn on all the lights in the room I am in and those around me creating a bright environment. She says I am wasting electricity and over using the electric circuitry. I am baffled by this. Lights sit there when there is daylight waiting to do their job which is to make the room bright. Nightfall does not mean that you have to sit in the dark, that is why lights were invented, to light the darkness. Why do we put bulbs in the lamps if I am not supposed to use them? It's like the decorative towels in the bathroom that you can't use. I think she was born in a Little House on the Prairie home with a candle for lighting. Do you get in trouble for using the lights in your house?