Saturday was a huge day for my family. When my wife got home from work we gathered the grandkids and hit the Greeley Stampede for some family fun. I am at the Stampede a lot but very rarely do I get to go with the family and just be a patron. I loved it! We went and bought Zander an all day wrist band for $30 and decided to just let him ride until he was spent. We started in the petting zoo where he had a blast feeding the goats and all the other critters. I just loved watching him smile. We then went on every ride a child his size could ride. He went on cars, boats, motorcycles, spinning dragons, a pink Ferris wheel, a giant slide and much more. When Zander got off the Ferris wheel he said,"that was the greatest thing I have ever done in my whole life." The man working the ride could not help but smile and laugh at my happy little boy. That was the coolest thing he had ever done until he won a sword chucking ping pong balls in cups of water. It was kind of a kid version of beer pong.


We cooled down with a giant $8 slushee, which was actually a decent value because it cooled down the whole family. We chowed down on Rocky Mountain oysters and left feeling happy and satisfied. It was a great day. We all had so much fun. There is ton to do at the Stampede, like the carnival, the petting zoo, the bike stunt show, the dog show and more. We will be back for another run of family fun. Hope to see you there.