Hard to believe it was 10 years ago that William Hung entered our lives. Who can forget his horrible off key warbling of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs"? Today is the 10th anniversary of William's awful version of the song that made him an overnight success. It was one of the first time's I could remember a guy becoming a star for being awful. He opened the door for many famous awful performers to walk through. Thanks a lot William.

He went on to record a Christmas album and 2 others with one of them actually cracking the Top 40 on the charts. William retired in 2011 from music to work in the crime field in L.A. I don't expect a new tour anytime soon but I wouldn't be shocked if he makes an Idol return someday. Time to get Hung and remember the great music William left us before he hung up his microphone and sweater.

The Audition

Achy Breaky Heart

A Medley of Williams Brilliance