We all have certain noises or sounds that make us crazy. Some go nuts at the sound of sneakers on a hardwood floor. Styrofoam squeaking will send Todd through the roof. I hate the sound of a metal spoon on a metal pan. The sound of Yoko Ono's singing voice has always disturbed me too but the there is one sound that stands out above all and that is the "poof" of a gas grill.

I was cooking some meat on the frill last night. I had it all properly marinated and ready to be licked to perfection by the flames of the gas grill. I had to grill preheated and slapped the meat on the grate and heard that delicious sizzle. I went inside to let it cook because if your looking it ain't cooking. When I returned to flip them I heard that sound that I hate more than any other...."poof". It was the "poof" of a grill blowing out the last bit of gas it had in the tank. I wept. There are few things that are more sad than a fat man staring at a grill full of half cooked meat.

What is the worst sound in the world to you? Let me know in the comments section below.

Classic scene from "Dumb and Dumber" with most annoying sound in the world.