I embarked on a quest yesterday afternoon to find the ugliest sculpture in Fort Collins, and believe me, we have plenty to choose from. Please keep in mind this is very subjective and only my opinion. My aim is not to hurt the feelings of the artists, who created these pieces, but honestly some of them have it coming. Please look at at the pics and take the poll at the end.

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    This is probably the oldest piece on my list. I couldn't find find a name on it, so I just called it Parentheses. It is on Prospect just East of Timberline. Honestly, why is this considered art. It's a just a couple of punctuation marks. At least, that's what it looks like to me.

    Todd Harding, TSM
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    Pods and Blooms

    Pods and Blooms is a set of metal sculptures scattered in the ponds just west of Summitview and Prospect. I guess I just don't get it. It looks like someone dumped their junk at the side of the road. Maybe the pieces will sink into the swampy landscape. Fingers crossed!

    Todd Harding - TSM
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    Crazy Kissing Lady

    This might be the weirdest statue on my list. Again I don't know the name of it, but I call it "Crazy Kissing Lady". There is not one, but two of them. They are just goofy looking and make me shake my head every time I visit Old Town Square. You can find these statues at the Corner of Walnut and Linden.

    Todd Harding, TSM
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    91 Candles

    It's called 91 Candles but looks like 91 tree branches stuck into a metal stand. Oh, that's what it is. This piece is actually the reason I decided to start this project. The first time I saw it, I couldn't believe it is considered art. I still can't. My biggest fear is that my photograph will make it look better than it actually is. I don't get it! You can find it at Harmony and Snow Mesa.

    Todd Harding, TSM
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    They call it "Transcend". It's a very large white statue that was originally at the south end of Old Town Square. Someone paid some famous guy a lot of money to create this eye sore. It was hated so much by visitors to downtown Fort Collins that they have now hidden it at Mason & Maple, just off the beaten path. It looks to me like it was carved by the same kid in grade school that made the ash tray for his parents who didn't smoke.

    Todd Harding, TSM