When I wake up in the morning my eyesight isn't really up to speed till a few cups of coffee so when I took the hound out for a stroll this morning I had to do several double-takes at what I saw in the yard.

How many wild turkeys do you ever see in the city?  I have seen some coons and fox run through the yard but never dinner.  I scrambled for my bow and arrow after realizing my black powder pistola would wake the neighbors but couldn't find it so I decided to wake up my son and share the experience with him.

Charley Barnes, TSM

"Cade, dinner is running through the front yard" I told him.  His response, with one eye half open, was "What?" as he jumped from his bed looking for his Savage HMR .17 and camo.

Hey, it's not everyday dinner literally comes a knockin. Lucky for this turkey, the CSU Rams play tonight so it's pizza night at our house.  Gobble Gobble.

What is the least likely animal you've seen in your yard?