Jenny Harding, For TSM

I have wondered for years, "What is the difference between a Llama and an Alpaca?" My wife and I paid a visit to the Timnath Alpaca Ranch on a quest to find out.

We met up with Pat, who owns the ranch and she let us get up close and personal with the furry creatures. Actually it is closer to wool than it is fur.

Pat described the major differences between a Llama and an Alpaca in this short YouTube video:

Thanks to my lovely wife, Jenny, for taking all of these wonderful pictures of Llamas and Alpacas:

Major Differences Between Llamas and Alpacas


  • Can weigh over 400 pounds
  • Banana shaped ears
  • Course hair or fleece
  • Used as pack animals
  • Very brave - can be used as guards


  • Much smaller than a Llama - A full-grown adult will weigh about 150 pounds
  • Small pointy ears
  • Soft luxurious fleece
  • Gentle and timid
  • Very smart (They can be taught tricks)