For as long as I can remember they have always named hurricanes. They used to always use women's names but recently started using men's names too. Now this year they have started naming winter storms after people too. I got to thinking.."what if they named them after The Good Morning Guys?"

If there was a winter storm named Todd it would come slowly trotting over the mountains with winds that are whistling some type of show tune. The wind will blow through your home and perfectly manicure your nails and assemble all the puzzles you have. It will also create a very loud thunder that will leave a very unpleasant odor for 8-11 hours.

If there was a winter storm named after Susan it would blow through your window and burn your toast while starting a small oven fire. It would rip open your refrigerator door and drain all the beer from it. It would then get trampled by a horse that was spooked by the wind and bleed all over your carpet. It would then lull you to sleep with a windy tale of horses.

If there was a winter storm named Brian, it would roll through the front door and go to your fridge and remove all of the bacon products. Then the wind would loudly howl with a bad North Dakota accent and leave the seat down on your toilet while depleting your supply of toilet paper. It would then change all your radios to K99 and then would stick around for days until you beg it to leave.

What would your storm do?