Ever wonder what a McDonalds cheeseburger would look like if you just let it sit there for 8 years? Back in 2003 when my kids were still in school, my daughter and I were driving to one of sons basketball games and stopped in Longmont to pick up some cheeseburgers. My daughter did not eat her second burger and had left it in the car. I told her that unless she ate it we were going to leave it in the car until it rotted. Days went by, weeks went by, months went by, my son graduated…still no rotting. My daughter turned 16 and got a car so we put the cheeseburger in her car. She finished high school with a 5 year old non rotting cheeseburger in the counsel of her car. Now she has a baby and a cheeseburger that still has not rotted.

My thought is that the heat of the interior of the car must have mummified the burger. You would really think that bread and cheese would mold wouldn’t you? At least turn a little green? All it has done is shrink a little bit. I am thinking of going the drive thru and handing them the burger and saying “I said not onions” and see if I get a free one. I think I am just going to hang on to it and pass it on to my grandson when he is old enough to appreciate the family heirloom.