I am not here to complain about the way my life is, because I wouldn't have it any other way. I have two healthy children, and I love my life, but I am somewhat nervous. Nervous that they won't get to experience many of the things I got to as I was growing up. Maybe it's just because of technology and better, easier ways of hearing the news, but it sure seems like this world is becoming a scary place.

Just in the last year, just in our state, we have had a mass murder of innocent people at a movie theater, we have had a little girl kidnapped on her way to school then found cut into pieces in a field, this week robbers killed 5 in a bar after robbing them, and now I just heard a story of a son who chopped up his mother and put her in the backseat of his car... Whoa!!

Some of my fondest childhood memories were from walking to school with my friends everyday. I enjoyed going to the bowling center with my parents and getting to go to the arcade by myself to play games. I got to go outside and play in the yard when mom and dad were watching something I didn't like on TV. My parents watched me, of course, but they also let me be free, having a childhood a kid is supposed to. Not having to be watched like a hawk.

Now, I feel like I cannot let my kids out of my sight for more than two seconds because you just don't know who might be waiting to do bad. Sure, you can't change the way you live your life in preparation for the unknown, I know this. But you do have to take major precautions, especially when it comes to protecting or kids.

Is there a solution to this? Probably not. That is the sad part. I don't know if there is something in the water that is making people crazy these days, maybe it is the prevalence of drugs in this day and age, or maybe we just take notice to it more, but regardless, all this brutal crime quite honestly is scary.

You know me, and I have always been the love everyone, be nice to all sort of person, but seriously more people need to find their "happy place!" It may sound dumb, it probably won't actually work, but if you are thinking about killing someone, RETHINK!!