Remember when you were young and your mom told you to make sure you wore clean underwear and dad made sure you had a flashlight in the car. We all the emergency kits in our cars with a can and a candle, some drinking water and other supplies in case we were in trouble. FEMA is taking over the job of our parents and have come up with a list to help us be safe in case of emergencies. Here is what FEMA says we should all have in our Basic Emergency Supply Kit.

. A gallon of water per person per day for at 3 days

. A 3 day supply of non-perishable food...mmmm...twinkies

. A battery powered radio and extra batteries

. Flashlight with extra batteries

. First aid kit

. A whistle

. Dust mask

. Garbage bags and towelettes

. Wrench or pliers

. A can opener

Here are a few they forgot. You should have a can of Tactical Bacon. Bacon that can withstand anything. An egg of Silly Putty to keep you entertained. A baby food jar of mother's spit in case of infections or a spot on your face and a remote control so it feels more like home.