There is a funny little whisper going around on the web about the signature of the President's money man, let's talk about your signature and see what it's saying about you.

D Dennison-TSM

The Huffington Post posted an article talking about the new signature on our bills and you won't believe what your signature can say about you. From big letters to loops and underlining, none of it is just simple writing.

Hopefully you'll learn something new and fun about yourself. Please keep in mind that this is just for fun and studying handwriting is not an exact science.

This all started with the simple article I read reporting that Jacob "Jack" Lew will be President Obama's next Treasury Secretary. His signature is quite illegible and a bit loopy, showing that he can adapt easily, but likes his privacy. The good news for Americans is that when Lew was the Budget Director under Bill Clinton, we were financially stronger, in fact Clinton left office with a budget surplus of $236 billion.

Whatever your signature says, here's to a potential booming economy!