Back in 1993, Nathan Dunlap killed four employees at a Colorado Chuck E. Cheese  restaurant. He was convicted and sentenced to the death penalty in 1996. Today, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper delayed the execution and gave Dunlap an indefinite reprieve.

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This is what Hickenlooper had to say about the matter, from 9News:

I am deeply respectful of the suffering and the loss that occurs, but it's hard to see, from a system-wide perspective, the benefit of a capitol punishment system if it results in 15 to 20 years of legal process and parole, and creates and extends emotional hardship for those families.

This could affect other cases as well, there are two other men on death-row in the state right now, and prosecutors are currently seeking the death penalty against James Holmes for the Aurora Theatre shootings.

Here is video from 9News of the Governor talking about the Dunlap decision.