All the campaigning is all done and the nation has spoken. You may not be happy with the results or you may be overjoyed but it is done. We learned that Obama won the election but we are still a nation with very different opinions depending on where you live. I have always felt that from state to state and even county to county people are different. They have different values, likes and way of life. I hope corporate America was paying attention.

I have always been the anti-corporate guy because I think they tend to be clueless. They forget that people are different everywhere. What works in New York doesn't mean it will work in Wyoming. There are 50 states all loaded with different likes, dislikes and lifestyles. I hope they see that decisions need to be based on the community the business is in and not where the home office is. We are a nation of individuals and I am tired of big business painting the whole picture with the same brush. Let local communities show their colors. Last night should show you that we are different from city to city in this great nation.