That is a tough question for sure, I'm sure that you'll laugh at me or maybe not, but the Fort Collins restaurant I miss the most is, can I say all of them?

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Taverna Grill for me, nailed it with the Gyros. It saddens me the way it all ended up. I miss it for the Gyros and for the lost jobs.

Black Eyed Pea, boy the history I have there, it was one of those places that you could take out of town guests for the type of food you didn't want to cook for all of those people. LOL The pot roast and chicken fried steak were my favorite.

McCoy's Morning Glory, what a great family, they were always hard working and working together. We have celebrated many of things at McCoy's, including my step-son Josh's High School Graduation.

Brother Mel's BBQ, the first time I had Brother Mel's, I was taken back to a time when time stood still for just a moment, where everyone knew each other and the world was right, yep, good BBQ can do that. Miss you Brother Mel

Corner Cafe Bakery, it seems it just opened and then it was gone. (A mall remodel issue I believe is the cause for the bakery closing, maybe just rumblings or truth, not sure) I never dd get to eat there, but have quite a few friends that loved the place and told me I had to go, so for the friendship and conversations I got to have in the name of Corner Cafe Bakery, I miss it too.