I get a lot of injuries and unfortunately they are often caused by pure stupidity. I remember injuring my ankle after falling asleep on the toilet and trying to stand up after my legs had fallen asleep and falling into the towel rack. I had to wear an air cast and try to explain that injury to everyone who asked. I have pulled a muscle in my forearm trying to button my jeans and messed up my eye by stepping on a rake. My latest injury should come as no surprise considering my track record.

Brian Gary, TSM

I was cleaning up a bit in the kitchen over the weekend when I went to put a crock pot back on above the cupboards in the kitchen where I keep them. I reached up to try to set it up when the lit came crashing down and sliced open my forehead. I immediately panicked and started hyperventilating like any big strong man would do. My wife came and helped me suture it up and asked me to just sit in a chair and not move for the rest of the day until she came home from work so I wouldn't do anything more to hurt myself. I will have to tell everyone I was injured training for a cage fight. I am now getting a helmet for cooking.