Other than Christmas and New Year's eve, I can't think of another time that people from all walks of life come together in jubilation than St. Patrick's Day. Is it that everyone like green that much? I mean there is green everywhere. The clothes, decorations, the food and even the beer! Ah....the beer. One of the most popular beverages worldwide for St. Patrick's celebrating is Guiness Lager, but a trend has emerged over the last few years that have the Irish scoffing. Green Beer. For those of you who enjoy the emerald color concoction, just put a drop of green food coloring in the bottom of the glass first an fill with the beer of choice. With the capability of bringing the masses together in celebration, maybe St. Patrick's Day is a testament to the power of beer. Although there is the traditional foods such as corned beef and cabbage or the ever tasty shepard's pie. I think that St. Patrick's Day gives everyone a chance to be Irish for the day and talk in accents that would have the patron saint of Ireland rolling in his grave. With all the parties and celebrating, please remember to drink responsibly and if you drink, don't drive. The leprechauns will be watching!

Danny Joe