Loveland keeps on growing northward. Sure, that King Soopers doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, but what is that they’re building just south of there by Wal-Mart?

Google Maps

I drive past the Wal-Mart on Garfield (Highway 287) on my way to and from work each day. For about a month now, something’s been going up right at the corner of 65th Street and Garfield. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be huge, so it’s not going to be a gas station or a bank.  I was curious, so I called up Beacon Construction, the team that’s doing the construction, and got the dirt.

It’s going to be a new Cellular Plus/Verizon Wireless.  Currently, in Loveland, there is the sole Verizon store out near Centerra. There is a Verizon/Celluar Plus location off of Eisenhower as well. I gave those folks a call and they confirmed that they will stay open and this one at 65th will be a second location. Technically, this will be a Cellar Plus- specializing in Verizon. So, you could say Loveland will have three DIFFERENT Verizon stores.

This Cellular Plus will be right by BioLife- a plasma donation center. I see a scenario, where a car drives up, two people get out. One person goes to BioLife, the other into Verizon. About an hour later, they both come out; one with a new phone, the other with some cash in their pocket.

I guess I’m indifferent. Neither excited nor upset. A Verizon place. OK. Nothing earth-shattering, carry on. But hey, now you know! Look for store to open by the end of October!

Curiosity remains, however, on what they might be putting at 57th and Garfield!