I can do a lot of things around the house; a real handy man, jack of all trades.  But the one thing I won't, or can't do, scares me the most.  Carpet!  Where to buy it and who to install it?  I think I could do it myself, but one mistake could be a very costly and/or ugly mistake.

It's a hard decision when you nothing about the trade so I am enlisting your help.  If you have recently purchased carpet, who did you buy from?  Who did the install?  Did you do a Home Depot or Lowe's purchase that came with the installation?

Please share your experiences below and give me an idea of what to shop and look for.  Is it cheaper to purchase the carpet and hire a private installer?  Or does it really matter?

Where is the best deal on carpet and what are the minimums in carpet/pad cost vs. not going overboard.  I don't want cheap, but I can't afford the best either; same as most of you reading this story right now I would assume.

Truth be told...honestly, I HATE shopping for anything, including bikes.  Not sure why but I have never been a shopper and just despise all aspects of it.  So, this is my way of being lazy and picking some brains so that half my work will be done by others who have traveled the road before me.

What say you?