Todd Harding, TSM

"Salad Goggles" is the term my wife Jenny and I use for her reading glasses.  That name was given to them by Brian Gary.   My wife and I were having dinner with Brian and his wife Kyla one night.  Jenny was just about to dig into her salad when she whipped out her reading glasses. I simply asked why and she said she wanted to know what was in her salad, but couldn't see all of the ingredients.  Brian quickly dubbed her reading specs "Salad Goggles"...and we have called them that ever since.

Why does my wife have so many?  Well...She has a pair for every room in our house, including the bathroom. She also has a pair in my truck and pair in her mini van.  She has a pair that lights up so she can read at night and in dimly lit rooms.  She has a pair of reading sunglasses.  She has a couple pair that are just meant to be stylish.  I know she has at least a dozen goggles. Also as her eyes get worse, she has to buy a stronger prescription of glasses.  Now she wants  a new pair that folds up and is very portable. I took some pics of a few of her goggles to share with you.