Recently we had the chance to spend some time with Rodney Atkins at Cheyenne Frontier Days and also at the Make it Rain Concert to benefit the victims of the High Park Fire.  In Cheyenne we had the opportunity to see inside Rodney's tour bus. We were surprised to find out who is always on his bus when he travels.

Meet Sissy, Rodney Atkins' African Grey Parrot! She is always on the road with Rodney when he is on tour.  Rodney's tour manager told us she has become a member of the family.

My wife Jenny and I used to own a parrot, so I tried to pick up Sissy.  I told her to "Step Up", but she would have none of it. She just bit my finger instead.  It didn't hurt. No blood, no foul.

My goal is:  The next time I see Rodney I want to get Sissy to like me.  I just want to be liked by a parrot. Is that so wrong?