This past weekend was full of highlights and Sunday took me to a home that showed more patriotism than any other I have seen in a very long time, if ever.

A friend of mine, Mike Neuerburg, and I were out in support of the OJ Alvarado Memorial run this past Sunday and the second stop was in Keenseburg. Before we left Greeley, Mike had asked if I had ever seen the house (way South of Greeley) with all the flags and memorials out front. I told him no so he decided to take me by there on our way to Keenseburg since the home is a bit out of the way.

Iwo Jima Memorial in Weld County - Photo by Mike Neuerburg

I saw the house from off in the distance as it's hard to miss. If you haul crude then you most likely have seen the home but I am going to keep the location a secret, for now. I jumped on the CB and told Mike if the gate was open to just go up the driveway and we'd check it out.

The gate was open so in we went.

As soon as we shut off the bikes, a car pulled in and it happened to be the homeowner, Bobbie. Turns out that Bobbie served our country in World War II as a Fighting Seabee and his wife Arlene, who we didn't have a chance to meet, was a former US Marine herself.

After a brief greeting and introduction he took us around and explained all they have done, why the markers and flags were there and what future plans hold for their property. There were flags of every kind, statues, plaques and markers and most came with a story. The best part of this whole adventure was just listening to Bobbie's stories and the fact that they seek no donations for anything; it's all done out of their own pocket.

We spent about an hour at Bobbie and Arlene's home and decided we had wasted enough of his Sunday as he probably had better things to do then entertain us, so we shook hands and moved on, but it won't be my last visit.

I have plans...

Flag Memorials in Weld County - Photo by Mike Neuerburg