Weld County Commissioners

Fort Vasquez sits in the middle of Highway 85, just south of Platteville. When the  parking lot at the Fort Vasquez was renovated in 2004, three flag poles were installed. The American flag and the State of Colorado flag flew above the fort. The third flag pole stood bare until now.   The Weld County flag now flies on that 3rd flag poll.

I have to be honest. I didn't even know Weld County Had a Flag. According to County Commissioner Sean Conway, "This is the first Weld County flag that will actually fly above a non-Weld County government building".  Operations Coordinator for History Colorado –
Fort Vasquez Museum, William Crowley, reached out to the county commissioners
and asked that the Weld County flag be placed on the 3rd flag pole.

The five county commissioners were joined by Crowley, Platteville
Mayor Bonnie Dunston, Platteville Town Manager Troy Renken,
members of the historical society and Michael Wren from History
Colorado for the raising of the county flag.

Fort Vasquez was built in 1835 under the direction of Louis Vasquez and Andrew Sublette. It was the first licensed business in Weld County and the first fort along the South Platte River. Weld County had four fur trading forts in the mid-1800s: Fort Vasquez, Fort Lupton, Fort St. Vrain and Fort Jackson.

Visitors can still tour both Fort Vasquez and Fort Lupton today.