May 13th was supposed to be a big day at Bittersweet Park in Greeley. That’s when the dedication of the Weld County Fallen Officer Memorial, honoring seven fallen Weld County law enforcement officers, was supposed to take place. Supposed being the key word. The Weld Fallen Officers Memorial organization has raised $160,000, but is still trying to come up with $14,000 more in donations to complete the project. 

The Weld County Fallen Officer Memorial is to be constructed of granite slabs with the names of 7 officers killed in the line of duty. Those officers are Lee S. Whitman, a Greeley Police officer killed in 1935, Earl J. Bucher, a Weld County Sheriff’s deputy killed in 1940, Wallace M. McCarty, a Colorado State Patrol officer killed in 1946, Richard Ware, an Evans Police officer killed in 1953, Jameson M. Longworth, a Greeley Police officer killed in 1976, Richard E. Hart, a Firestone Police officer killed in 1982 and Sam Brownlee, a Weld County Sheriff’s deputy killed in 2010.

The foundation work for the memorial is underway, but much work remains to be done before the memorial can be dedicated. Construction crews and volunteers are planning to continue their work over the next two weeks. It was hoped the memorial could be completed by May 13 to coincide with National Police Week ceremonies, but that is in jeopardy due to the lack of funding.

Individuals wishing to help can make donations by going to the organization’s website: Donations are also accepted at Colorado Community Bank, 6222 W. 9th Street, Greeley, CO 80634. If you have any questions, contact Capt. Paul Matske at 970-506-4999.