Weld County Commissioners have approved the closing of the Missile Site Campground for repairs. The park is located at the 257 Spur, where Business 34 meets Highway 257 south of Windsor.

The Missile Site Campground is closed as of noon Wednesday and will remain closed while construction repairs and maintenance projects are completed. Construction crews will make repairs to structures on the campground that were damaged by hail last year.

The Missile Site will remain open for tours. The site was built in 1961 where it housed the former nuclear warhead equipped Atlas E.  The missile site was deactivated in 1965 and was turned over to Weld County.

Although there is a basic restroom with running water on site, the campground offers only dry land camping (no services) for 12 camp sites, fire pits and picnic tables. The cost is $5 per day. The campground is closed from October thru May of each year. There are no reservations as it is first come—first served.