News coming out of Weld County is stating that the county commissioners are moving forward to approve a local ordinance that would block Weld County from restricting the gun rights of residents that reside within Weld County.

This desire to change the code comes off the heels of two new state laws that now require background checks for "private and online gun sales" and also limits magazines to 15 rounds or less.

If finalized and approved, it would keep the board from enacting any ordinance that limits the ammunition capacity of a firearm magazine, requires background checks for owners of a firearm, charges a fee related to firearms, requires any specialized training related to firearms, limits the possession of a firearm to any specific class of person or limits where someone can carry a firearm in unincorporated parts of the county - Greeley Tribune

Two more hearings will be held on Wednesday May 22nd and then again on Monday June 10th before it can be finalized.