July and August are my personal hell. They tend to be the busiest months of the year for me and they are the hottest. I am a large hairy man and that means that the summer heat and I do not get along well at all. I hate summer but hate these days of summer more than any. It seems like the heat cranks it up a few notches this time of the year and means my deodorant fails by 8:37 a.m. each day.

I refer to this time of year as the "ham shorts" days of summer. You may wonder what the heck "ham shorts" are. Ham shorts are when it gets so hot and you get so sweaty that your underwear sticks to your butt like the net on a ham. You know that netting that some hams are wrapped with and you literally have to pull it off the ham leaving those little squares around the ham where it was netted tightly. That is same thing your butt goes through during this phase of summer. I am guessing the sales of shaved ham is going to go down after this blog. Enjoy the season of the shorts.