Of the top ten movies in the theaters right now, I have seen most of them as I am a bit of a movie freak. I'll have the list of where they all stand, the winners and losers over the weekend with a little D commentary.

The weekend didn't go as planned for the over advertised "the Great Gatsby", but they make a good show in the top 10 nonetheless.


  • Star Trek Into the Darkness: I liked it a lot and so did a large portion of movie goers it took in 70.6 Million over the weekend. Spoiler Comment- I love how Leonard Nimoy makes appearances in the Star Trek movies.
  • Iron Man 3: drops to the second position after being number one for two weeks and rakes in 35.2 million, don't be sad though, Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man 3 beat out a much anticipated weekend opener and joins the ranks of a small few in hitting the 1 Billion Dollar mark worldwide. My personal view of this movie, well I love Robert Downey Jr and Gwenyth Paltrow just made People Magazines most beautiful woman there is nothing not to love about this on-screen duo. Their chemistry is on-spot and saucy Iron Man gets a little emotional about the woman he loves. Yes it is worth seeing.
  • The Great Gatsby: The set and effects are vibrant and Leonardo DiCaprio outshines the lot giving this F. Scott Fitzgerald character all the glam he deserves. I haven't seen this one, but plan on it. I have seen the original and read the book, for no other reasons (and it was one of Ashley's favorites and as they started teasers last year one she had wanted to see) I will see this movie. It brought in 23.4 Million for its opening weekend.
  • Pain and Gain: I didn't know going into this movie that it was based on actual events. Had I known I would have realized that it was not a comedy as I feel it was advertised as such. There are some comedic lines, but knowing this really happened take that all away for me, I do not recommend it, but it is at #4 and grossed 3.1 million over the weekend.
  • The Croods: Outside of some poor voice casting choices, more like poor character choices with the given voices this movie hits a mark and draws you in. Get a Large popcorn and a soda to share and tell the kids to be quiet. The Croods held its own this weekend with a fair movie money take of 2.8 million.
  • 42: The life story of Jackie Robinson starring Harrison Ford is said to be a fairly good flick, no, I haven't seen it but its batting a thousand or should I say a couple million. Weekend numbers: 2.7 million
  • Oblivion: Get all caught up in the couch jumping, religious criticism and big divorce if you want, but Tom Cruise can act. This was a super movie and I would see it again. Obviously some others feel the same, it's still hanging in there with a weekend take of 2.2 million.
  • Mud: I have no idea what this movie is! :) Okay, it's Mathew McConaughey and rates pretty well amongst movie goers. It captured 2.16 million of the weekend movie dollars.
  • Peeples: This romantic comedy starring some great actors including Craig Robinson and Kerry Washington takes in a sizable 2.15 million.
  • The Big Wedding: It's stuck in the middle with viewers but worth a looksy. I love
    Kathereine Heigl (married to country singer
    Josh Kelley), Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro, oh and Susan Sarandon is in it too! For the weekend 1.1 million!