Well here I go into week number two of trying to live healthy and get myself together. I have made a deal with myself to get my health in check and live like the diabetic man I am. I have decided to try to eat more foods that were created by Mother Nature and less food created by a scientist in a lab.

I discovered this really cool section in the grocery store that has these things called fruits and vegetables and fresh meats in it. I always wondered what was at that end of the store. It takes a lot more effort to eat fresh foods but I am worth it. I need to make my nutrition a priority. I find If I eat when I am supposed to instead of when I am hungry I don't get hungry. I know it sounds strange but if I eat before the hunger sets in I usually eat less even though I am eating more frequently. It is just making sure I am eating the proper foods. I have to care enough about myself to do it.

I have a doctor appointment this morning and will come clean about not monitoring my blood sugars or how I haven't been doing what I should and get my blood checked out. I will also start my daily walks when I get off the air. I know I can find 30-45 minutes each day to move. I hate working out, but I know walking can do wonders and will make this a must each day. I will keep you posted on my progress and may even start a Wednesday walking club where if you are interested in joining me for a walk around Windsor Lake on Wednesday we would meet late morning and do it together. Are you in?