It always amazes me at how willing people are to put themselves in danger just because they don't want to be behind a semi-truck. They are not only a hazard to themselves, but also to everyone around them, including the 80,000 pound vehicle behind them.

I write this today after I saw a complete imbecile prove themselves yesterday on Hwy 34 while I was out running a couple of errands.

Traffic was motoring through town with moderate traffic when all of a sudden this guy races out in front of a truck and swerves into the right lane so he can get off at 35th Ave. The semi-truck literally locks up the tires within feet of this guys bumper which prompts the driver to use his horn. Not in a manner as I would have, but a professional toot if you will.

That was followed by the guy shoving his left arm out the window and giving the driver behind him, the one he just cut off, a nice California howdy. Even waved it for about 15 seconds to make sure his message was sent.


What the move gain him? A spot in front of the truck, a red light, and a dozen cars still ahead of him...all because he didn't want to be behind a semi-truck; like 2 or 3 minutes was going to debunk his whole game plan.

The average vehicle/car weighs about 4000 pounds while a loaded semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds; the tractor alone starts around 14,000 pounds. It's easy math a 4th grader can understand. One would think common sense would prevail and anyone could figure out a Honda Accord can stop much faster than a loaded semi-truck; or an empty one for that matter.

"Well, if I can stop in 50' why can't that big old truck?  Golly, he doesn't have to honk"

The car will lose 100% of the time and if it's a crude truck that ends up in your backseat (where kids normally sit) and explodes, there will literally be nothing to bury and that section of road will have to replaced because it will have all melted by the time they get the fire out.

Please remember this one thing. If it weren't for semi-trucks...we'd all be SCREWED! That car you drive, it's tires and gas all came to you via a semi-truck. Your beer, mascara and the groceries you feed your family with all came to you via a semi-truck. Your big screen TV, golf clubs and kids school supplies all came to you by semi-truck.

In closing, give them a break and show a little respect for those who ultimately make your life what it is. Instead of cutting them off all the time and/or flipping them the bird, give them the space they deserve and maybe throw a friendly wave or a thumbs up. Use some common sense and remember they aren't driving a VW or a Tundra and it takes some special skill to handle these trucks.

Happy Monday!