What is that smell?

It's "Phoenix" --from Country megastar Keith Urban!

Keith announced the release of the fragrance (like a new album) in early October.

You may have seen his "mock' commercial on Ellen..

But the official commercials are out... and they will... change your life.

OK. Not really.

But they're fun!

Have a look!

So, he didn't want to name it after himself, because that would be weird.

So the cologne is called "Phonenix"

However, what IS kind of weird....are the outtakes from his 'commerical' for Phonenix with Ellen:

I'm guessing a lot of ladies were fuming with jealousy for Ellen that afternoon.

I saw in USA TODAY that Keith was inspired for the fragrance... by his father:

He was quite an aesthete. He always smelled good and had good clothes. He had an appreciation for the senses."

I don't know what "aesthete" even means. It must be Australian for 'cowboyish' or something.

So here come the new commericals-- three. Seems like a lot.. with more to come- details on that to follow.

Let's start with the one titled "Phone Call" :

That is some POWERFUL stuff. OVER THE PHONE it gets to her.

I'm already in.

But there's two more to go.

Next up-- "Magic Bottle":

Not my favorite. No girls. Moving on....

It's the ol' one-two sucker punch. You think he's going to get protection, but the quickie mart ALSO sells- "Phoenix".  Well played.

I guess that I, myself, am sticking with "Phone Call" as my favorite. What do you think?

How about this-- you create YOUR OWN commercial for "Phoenix"!

Keith has teamed up with PEOPLE for a contest where fans can make commercials, and in early November, one will be chosen with a prize pack that includes..

tickets and airfare to a Keith Urban concert in 2012 and a PHOENIX gift pack including cologne, after shave, body wash and wrist watch.

"A wrist watch". C'mon! Now I HAVE to go to the mall.. look all around for the Phoenix wrist watch...

You know this stuff don't come cheap either...I would enter the contest!

Let's blow the wheels of this post.. and finish with one of my favorite Keith Urban videos!