I wrote a story yesterday about Gene Rosen who many think is a "crisis actor" in some big government conspiracy in the Sandy Hook school shooting.  Many wanted me to watch some video's proving it was all a hoax. So I did watch them, some twice. In fact, I was up till 2 AM doing research because there were many discrepancies that just didn't make sense.  You'll be surprised at what I found out...

OK, I could go into some great detail on all this but I won't. I spent hours looking at video's all night on all the hoax theories and I just don't buy this whole "everyone is acting" thing.

In the hoax video you see three interviews. You see the ones they want you to see. If you do a quick search, you will find interviews with some of these families like you would expect to see them; all freaked out and obviously in pain. I have looked through hundreds of Getty Images of all the funerals and what I see is horror, grief and pain. Not a bunch of crisis actors pretending to be at a funeral. So this is all made up to? Everyone there is acting? Or just the parents and they lied to all their family and friends about their son/daughter being shot?

I think what happened was that some conspiracy nut saw that Gene Rosen belonged to the "Screen Actors Guild" and went with the whole "crisis actor" scenario. Are we really to believe that he just moved into this house to take part in this or that he has in fact lived there forever and just signed on to be a part of something only Stephen King would think of. FYI:  Members of the Screen Actors Guild live alllllll over the country in towns just like Newtown CT.


Take a look at the video below, one of many I came across debunking all these conspiracy myths. We were supposed to believe that Emelie Parker was seen with Obama after the shooting. If you do just a bit of homework, you would know that in the actual photo there are multiple kids around him, not just the Parker girls. Anyone could photoshop this easily. What we are seeing are the remaining Parker girls, one wearing her sisters dress which would be very believable. If you purposely set out to debunk these things, you can. Most of  what they call "fact based' really isn't fact based at all. They want you to think it is.  All I'm saying is watch and listen to the other side before jumping to any conclusions and again, someone please tell me why anyone would go to these great lengths and for what, exactly.

Here is my bottom line. Why would our government attempt to pull of this kind of a conspiracy for gun control?. This is all worth getting a bill passed that limits magazines to 6 rounds instead of 10? Come on.

26 families involved.  Say each one has 20 people who would be family and friends that would have to attend a funeral. Then throw in all the towns people, firefighters, cops, coroners office etc.  And I am to believe everyone is on this big conspiracy?  All these families just agreed to keep these "dead" kids in hiding for the rest of their lives?

So what happened to all these kids who supposedly never died? Seriously!  Where are they?  Was everyone at Sandy Hook on the take and this is all one big concocted plan?  This conspiracy is based on things that can easily be faked, photoshopped etc. For the other things like the Coroners report vs. what the FBI said is still speculation unless you were there.

I do ADMIT there are a lot of things that are hard to explain but if you really think this was all concocted to support gun control I still say is absurd.  I think what happened was that in the mass chaos of what was going on, just about every agency probably handled things wrong and bumbled and in the wake of trying to fix their screw-ups, so they didn't look foolish to the world, fueled this conspiracy theory.

Some even say the kids and teachers were killed in a Satanic ritual and another theory even suggests that Gene (Eugene) is a pedophile and he along with his wife killed some of the children in their basement.

Friends, just do some open minded homework and you too will find this all a bit hard to swallow.  If you don't think there are computer geeks out there with some major mad skills who wouldn't try something like this then you are not living in the real world.  To think some kid went, "I'm going to see if I can make everyone believe this is a big conspiracy" is just not far fetched.

Think with an open mind and ask yourself the same questions I asked you:  Why would they do this and Why?